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iDGroup has been recognized for residential and commercial architecture, locally in Los Angeles and abroad. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we specialize in the acquisition, development, design, construction, and management of unique real estate properties. With a combination of intensive dedication and expansive vision, iDGroup seeks out spaces in which to build the seemingly impossible and make it feel like home.  

Our work can be found from Bel Air to the Bird Streets and overseas from Japan to Panama. iDGroup is comprised of a talented team of multidisciplinary individuals led by founder Jeff Vance. Each person brings their particular skill set to the table, working in tandem to transform a theoretical idea into an enduring structure. And with our multi-cultural background, iDGroup encompasses a global array of styles and sensibilities. Going beyond expectation to bring dreams to life with absolute detail is what we do every day.  


Jeff Vance lives in a world of images, not words. As the founder of iD Group, his mind is both a creative and analytical force that sees the potential for endless improvement. His work and personal style show that Vance is a creator who values authenticity and careful attention to detail. His design sensibility ranges from mid-century classics to monumental contemporary estates.Whatever the style, they share one commonality: they are inviting and warm spaces in which to live, work, and rest.

Where there is just a dirt site or a dilapidated building, Vance sees an interesting puzzle to work with site specific restrictions and imbue the mundane with a sculptural quality. According to Vance, you should listen to the property and let it guide the process. What is the environment? What is the soil? These are the questions that Vance knows will lead to a feasible, high quality design. Letting the market or trends dictate design is never on the table. And his projects show it.


Starting out his career in special effects and set decorating, Vance quickly made a name for himself through his own love of design and a keen understanding of business. Today, Vance is based in the Hollywood Hills, enjoying the challenges and opportunities of a vibrant city which is seeing a resurgence of the architectural significance it was once renowned for. With an interest in both the historical and entrepreneurial landscape of Los Angeles, he has devoted years to designing everything from the foundation to the fork on the dining tables of recognized homes.


Outside of Los Angeles, Vance has studied and worked in the massive urban sprawl of Tokyo and the high rises of Central America. He has had a chance to visit the obscure remains of Eastern European architecture and held offices in lush penthouses overlooking Hawaiian beaches. In these travels, he’s left behind new friends and new builds in diverse landscapes. Regardless of the locale, his eye is always drawn to something that can be further refined.


Ferial Sadeghian grew up in Iran where she studied at an American grade school and later got her MArch at an Iranian University. The daughter of two diplomats, she grew up under unique and difficult circumstances during the Iranian Revolution. This history has molded her into someone who knows how to question and examine all of the details. Since then, she has made a name for herself in Los Angeles and at iDGroup with her design vision and executive sensibilities. With over 20 years in the industry, Sadeghian has refined both her style and business acumen. As a driving core, Sadeghian places emphasis on really making a design feasible and ensuring that the crucial details of building a dream project are in place.  She has adapted her designer’s visual memory to managing the numbers crucial to running a business.  On the real estate side, she has become an expert on everything from locating new ventures to due diligence to property management.


Her primary role within the team is that of a skillful planner and a lead designer. She takes on the responsibility of major decision making, problem solving, and setting overarching timelines. As an executive of iDGroup, she works closely with Vance and every member of the team to advise and direct on everything from permitting to final design presentation. On any given day, she can be meeting with clients or orchestrating complex financing for today’s development world. While her roles are many, Sadeghian is the one that ultimately ensures the final design finish is true to the value and accuracy iDGroup is known for. Sadeghian came to iDGroup with a wide spectrum of design experience, including projects with Michael Laird Architects and a career at Arya Group. She has accumulated significant experience with high end properties, building Los Angeles homes by architects Gwathmey Siegel and Richard Meier. Outside of architecture, Ferial has rounded out her creative skillset by studying all aspects of art, from sketching to pastels. In her spare time, she likes to catch up on her reading in both business and psychology.


Peggy Hsu is a licensed architect who can design and build intimate interior renovation projects, sprawling additions, ground-up constructions, and everything in between. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with Bachelor of Architecture, a school that emphasizes making builds work in the real world.  Prior to iDGroup, she got her start working with KAA Design Group for 9 years. Today, she is an expert in intricate detailing and her work is distinguished by its unique, minute details. More practically, she is a specialist in creative problem solving that can make dream projects a reality. She excels in construction management, residential planning, and feasibility studies for both commercial and residential properties. She is also the resident expert on Los Angeles Baseline Hillside Ordinance and her expertise in city municipal codes expedites the project permitting process. Outside of her achievements with iD Group, Peggy has gained her own notoriety with a highly sought after spot on the Dwell Home Tour and a cover feature on the Los Angeles Times.


Adriana Feketeova obtained a PhD in Psychology in Slovakia before moving to Los Angeles and starting a new career in design and project management. At IDGroup, she manages residential projects from construction to service, and oversees many of the interior decorating projects at IDGroup. She has leveraged her familiarity with design, planning and distinguished clientele to finish projects while staying mindful of time and practicality. As a project manager, she is effective at figuring out exactly what needs to be done, and more importantly: who to ask and how to motivate them. Adriana is dedicated to maintaining contact with clients and client representatives, always ensuring they are aware and in tune with every aspect of the design and construction process. These relationships are taken beyond the final build, with Adriana overseeing the prompt post-construction care of IDGroup's massive custom homes. Previously, she worked at Tommy Chamber's Interior Design and with the designer Peter Carlson as a design assistant.


Since arriving at iD Group 4 years ago, Jesica Caprino has gone from an executive assistant role to covering a wide range of property management, accounting, and legal roles in the company. With a knack for the complex and practical aspects of running a business, Jesica is the one to make sure the small units that make a business run day to day are all in place. She is the one to go to with any and every questions about anything from insurance to legalese to billing.  Jesica’s background experience is primarily from her home country of Argentina, where she studied accounting before moving on to paralegal studies in Los Angeles.

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